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Pictures that were taken while traveling

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Follow The Guidelines

1)No posting of nude pictures. There might be lj members in this community who might be under 18. So please keep this in consideration.

2) No making fun of other people or arguing. This is a community were people who share the same interest, which is photography, can come together and discuss and compliment each other's pictures.

3) No off topic pictures or posts. You can however post entries that has to do with photography or traveling experiences.

4)When posting more than 2 pictures make sure you leave one out and put the rest behind a lj-cut tag.


Tips for posting pictures

Sites to upload pictures:

1) http://villagephotos.com
2) http://www.webpost.net/Webpost
3) http://groups.msn.com/

How to post pictures:

Click here


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Any questions or suggestions? Then just email me at esmeralda401@yahoo.com


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